Chef’s Cookie Activity Tote

Deluxe Cupcake Studio Kit

$22.99 Each

The kit contains everything you need for a delicious afternoon of creativity and fun! Start Stirring Up Fun® by following the large Safari Baking Map with step-by-step instructions to make, bake and decorate delicious cupcakes and frosting and then flip over the map to learn about simple decorating tools, find artistic inspiration and follow step-by-step pictures for creating geometric, animal inspired and artistic cupcakes..

Each Kit Includes:

•Super Cupcake Mix and Frosting Mix made with a combination of organic and all-natural ingredients.

• Safari Baking Map® – Double sided, foldout activity map. Side one has easy-to-follow instructions for making cupcakes and frosting – and Side 2 has our “Cupcake Idea Map” with decorating techniques, inspiration and ideas to let kids get really creative.

• Reusable Zebra stripe Frosting Decorating Pen. Dishwasher safe.

• Orange, Yellow and Blue all-natural decorating sugars (no artificial dyes).

• 12 Zebra striped cupcake papers.

Ingredients: Cupcake Mix (Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Wheat Flour, Baking Powder  [NON-GMO Cornstarch, Sodium Bicarbonate, Monocalcium Phosphate], Vanilla Powder [Dextrose, Vanilla Bean Extractives], Sea Salt, Baking Soda), Powdered Sugar Packet (Refined Granulated Sugar, Cornstarch), Decorating Sugar (Orange Decorating Sugar [Sugar, Paprika Oleoresin {E160c for color}, Carnauba Wax], Blue Decorating Sugar [Sugar, Vegetable Juice {E163 for color}], Yellow Decorating Sugar [Sugar, Curcumin {for color}, Carnauba Wax]).